A Strong Process Delivers Successful Projects

We believe that the basis of any successful project is open communication and a clear focus on your organization's objectives, whether it be implementing a search engine optimization campaign, redesigning your brand, or launching a new website. We have a goal-oriented process to achieve results in a timely manner.

Phase 1: Kick-Off

  • Design Talk - what message you want to convey, current branding, color palette
  • Content Talk – we will ask questions to fully understand your business in order to develop site structure and SEO content
  • SEO Talk – we will find out if you currently have any SEO assets that we may be able to leverage
  • SEM Talk - we will see if you want to do any pay per click marketing

Phase 2: Research

  • Assessment of current site for benchmarking
  • Internal Analysis – what sets you apart from the competition
  • Competitor Analysis – what are they doing to gain better SERP results
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Research
  • Product will be an SEO Research Document

Phase 3: Planning and Strategy

  • Content Strategy and Wire Diagrams
  • Link Building Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Search Engine Strategy
  • Search Engine Marketing Strategy
  • Technical Strategy
  • Product is the Website Architecture and SEO/SEM Plan which contains information on internal and external proposed optimizations (this plan will be revised every few months after site launch)

Phase 4: Design

  • Our designer will come up with concepts for home and internal pages
  • Once a design is approved additional visual elements will be produced according to site architecture
  • Original or stock photography will be researched and acquired
  • Product will be Approved Design Layouts as well as a Style Guide

Phase 5: Implementation

  • Website will be built out and tested
  • SEO content will be written
  • SEM plan executed after website launch
  • Tracking systems put in place
  • Internal & external optimizations
  • Product is launch-ready website and updated SEO plan if necessary

Phase 6: Monitoring

  • Web spider activity
  • Website referrals
  • Search engine ranking
  • Website traffic
  • Conversions if applicable
  • Product is Monthly Output Report for the first year

Phase 7: Assessment

  • See what is/is not working according to SEO Plan
  • Compare website analysis to that of competitors
  • Match results with initial goals
  • Product is Assessment and Recommendation document

Phase 8: Maintenance

  • Software and security patches
  • Content and website updates
  • SEO work in reaction to Assessment Document
  • Back to Monitoring Phase


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